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German for children

BeeGerman is a brilliant resource for teaching German to children. Of course, all of our lessons on our youtube channel ‘German for children’ and all of our resources are free for use and distribution. We just ask you to send us a link back to our website in reference.

Use our online German resources that can be found here.  Next check out our youtube channel “German for children” here.

Check out my blog for more information on teaching German to children. Also, have a look at the categories ‘Printouts’ and ‘Games’ where I frequently publish worksheets and inform about new dual language books and games.

German for children: A little bit about BeeGerman

I am a Native German who has been living in the UK and Ireland for 8 years. I love working with children and I love teaching! For this reason, I thought it would be a great idea to create a resourceful website for young German learners (and their parents and tutors). Also, feel free to contact me for any help or any free advice.


Why should children learn a second language?

Learning a foreign language improves your child’s native tongue as he or she will learn how language works. They will learn grammatical terms such as verb, noun or adjective and be able to make them out. Furthermore, by learning a second language children better their communication skills. Language learning is definitely a confidence builder.

german for children

Children are incredible learners! According to scientists, learning a second language also quickens children’s brain development. Young children often mimic sounds- that’s how the language learning process starts. It is important to create an environment in which children are able to explore a new language. Language learning should be fun and enjoyable. In order to create a fun environment you can use the resources on this website!

The best time to create an interest for foreign languages is when your children are still young. By learning a new language cultural awareness is formed that opens up more future possibilities!