Children’s foreign language acquisition

Once it was thought that early foreign language learning interferes with the general language development of children. This has been proven to be wrong. Instead of influencing learning negatively, it stimulates language progression.

  1. Children’s foreign language acquisition can begin early.


A lot of my young learners started their German lessons between the age of 3 and 10. It is never too early and it is never too late to start to learn a foreign language!

  1. Listening is especially important.

Especially relevant in my lessons for very young learners (pre-school) are visuals: Pictures, Memory Games, hand/body movements etc.

I speak German as clearly as possible, as children learn by copying sounds. This is why I try to be as clear-spoken as possible in my videos too.

  1. Kids can learn languages very quickly.

You will be amazed! In my language lessons I often encounter kids remembering words I thought to have never mentioned before. Children associate new words with concepts/ different situations. By doing so they find it easier to remember new vocabulary.

  1. Everybody is different. Every child learns differently and at their own pace.

Maybe you would like to send all of your children to a foreign language class. Please remember: Every child learns at its own pace. Some kids take a bit longer to memorize a new sentence, others find it extremely easy. In the end  it does not matter. What matter is that they enjoy the lessons and the experience. Progress is a natural side effect!

  1. Your kids learn from mistakes.

Often in school kids are told that mistakes are bad. In extracurricular foreign language lessons, mistakes aren’t bad. The teacher/ you should point out that a mistake has been made but try to let the child solve the mystery. Then it is more likely that the child will remember the correct answer.

Children’s foreign language acquisition is a process. Language learning is never static!

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