German Tuition by Bee German is run by me, Madeleine, a Native German in Newry (NI). I have been giving private bumblebeenewlessons in all of County Down and County Armagh for around 6 years. I have taught in several language schools and have even taught German for Hamburg University. Although this website is my online learning resource for teaching German to children, I also provide German Tuition in Newry for all levels and ages.

One lesson lasts 60 minutes.

Private German tuition for Adults: £15/ hour

German lessons for Adults (Group 2+): £10/hour (per adult)

Private German tuition for Children: £15/ hour

German lessons for Children (Group 2+ Children): £9/hour (per child)

German Tuition GCSE Preparation Offer/ First 3 Lessons Offer: 3 Lessons for £30.

My lessons and teaching plans are structured around the Common European Framework of references for languages.

A1 / A2 – Basic German

B1/ B2 – Advanced German

C1/ C2 – Complete proficiency

By the end of a language level (for example A1) you can take a test and receive an official qualification.

The duration of each level depends on the student/s.

If you have any questions or if you would like to learn German then feel free to contact me! cat



Phone:  (+44)7454385211 or


Why should I learn German?

Please read on if you are unsure whether to learn German!

Learning a second language opens up so many new opportunities- you will be able to travel with more confidence. How about taking up a job in Germany? For a lot of jobs in German cities such as Frankfurt or Hamburg you do not need to speak perfect German. However, having some knowledge of a new country and a new language is always an advantage.

Speaking a second language also increases your brain power. It keeps your memory health and precise! This also means that you will become a fast learner.

Not only this but you will also create a close connection to a new culture! Why not learn more about German traditions and festivals?

When you travel to Germany you will be able to talk to Germans in their native language. Nothing is more exiting than being able to order your favorite German meal in German.

If you would like to send your child or children to German lessons but have your doubts, please check out the following post ‘Why should young children learn a foreign language?’.