Learn Basic German

Basic German

You can learn basic German in no time. This video is a brilliant starting point for your German education journey. Learn a collection of important German words and phrases.  Bumblebee German videos are suitable for adults and children. Learn German for free through repetition. This video combines listening/reading skills and visual elements.

How to say hello in German

If you travel to Germany, you will need to know how to greet people in German.

‘Hallo’ can be used at any time of day and in any situation.

‘Guten Morgen’ means good morning. In German we also have ‘Vormittag’ (pre-midday), however Germans would never say Guten Vormittag. Stick to ‘Guten Morgen!” until about 12pm.

From 12pm until about 2pm Germans say ‘Guten Tag’.  It is midday and some people might say ‘Guten Mittag!’ although this is very uncommon.

From about 2pm until about 6pm Germans say ‘Guten Nachmittag!’ which means good afternoon.

From about 6pm you can say ‘Guten Abend’ which means good evening.

German do not greet people with ‘Gute Nacht’. Gute Nacht is used to wish somebody a good night.

How to introduce yourself in German

‚Hallo! Ich heiße Lukas.‘ Hello! My name is Lukas.  You could also say ‘Ich bin Lukas.’ I am Lukas.

‘Mein Name ist Lotte.‘ My name is Lotte. Again, you could say ‘Ich heiße……’ or ‘Ich bin….’.

‘Ich komme aus Deutschland.’ I come from Germany. ‘ Ich komme aus…..’ –> For countries.

‘Ich komme aus Frankreich‘. I come from France.

‘Ich bin ……. Jahre alt.‘ I am ……. years old.

‘Ich wohne in einem Dorf.‘ I live in a village. ‘Ich wohne….’ –> For cities, villages.

How to ask for information

‘Wie heißt du?‘ – What is your name?

‚Woher kommst du?‘ – Where do you come from?

‚Wie alt bist du?‘ – How old are you?

‚Wo wohnst du?‘- Where do you live?
If you want to give a more general answer, you can say ‚Ich wohne in Deutschland.‘ (I live in Germany.) You could also be specific: ‘Ich wohne in Berlin.’

Basic German
Learn basic German

How to give information

Hummel means bumblebee in German.
‚Schau! Dort ist eine Hummel!‘ -Look! There is a bumblebee!

How to say goodbye

Auf Wiedersehen! Goodbye! ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ is more polite and used in more formal situations.
Tschüß! Bye! You can say ‘Tschüß’ to people you know (friends,family, colleagues.)

All of these basic German phrases and words are very common and can be used in everyday conversations.

Watch the following video and practice your pronunciation:


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