The face (Das Gesicht) and the body ( Der Körper)

The next two lessons focus on vocabulary related to the face and body- Körper und Gesicht.  It is a good idea to introduce your student to face/body words at an early stage. You could create a song with yourGerald-G-Girl-Face-Cartoon-300px student! In my lessons  I use the all-time-favourite song ‘head,shoulders, knees and toe’s’ in German (Kopf, Schultern, Knie und Zeh).  Sometimes the kids have to be super fast (schnell) or very slow (langsam). Another option is to use the following rhyme- please click here. Last year I bought a big role of paper  (often you can find them in the children’s section in ikea) for the following project:  

Project: Paint a Giant! Why don’t you paint a giant? Once the kids have finished their masterpiece,  they could use makers to name all the different body/face parts.  11407284_830848377001806_1448761196306983821_n                                                                                                                                          This is one of our gigantic creations! Of course you can add clouds (Wolken), the sun (Sonne) and animals (in this case dogs- Hunde). Once I used Post-it’s in a lesson- my students had to memorize the bodyparts, write them on post-its and stick them onto the correct part of their body. Of course they only had a few minutes to complete this task! The kids loved it. Das Gesicht (The face): Der Körper (The body):1441586141-300px

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