Lesson Idea: German Autumn Word Tree

It’s is raining heavily outside and even my cat has decided to stay inside (and that is not very much like him). I can’t believe that it is October. Personally I like autumn but admittedly, sometimes the rain and the dark clouds can get to you. That’s why you need a colourful display in your classroom!

We created this wonderful German autumn word tree! We simply wrote autumn words on the leaves.


German autumn words

This is our autumn autumn word list: der Kürbis (the pumpkin), der Baumstamm (the trunk), Halloween, die Birne (the pear), der Baum (the tree), die bunten Blätter (the colourful leaves), windige Tage (windy days), Herbst (autumn), der Zweig (the twick), Ast ( the branch), warme Jacken (warm jackets), der Rabe (the raven), der Drachen (the kite), die Vögel (the birds), der Schal (the scarf), der Regen (the rain), die Eule (the owl), die kalten Nächte (the cold nights), das Eichhörnchen (the squirrel), der Igel (the hedgehog), der Apfel (the apple), die fallenden Blätter (the falling leaves), das Laub (the foliage), der Regenschirm (the umbrella), die Pilze (the mushrooms).



The kids were super proud when we finished the tree last week! The words on the leaves are all related to our current topic: “Autumn” (Der Herbst.) In every lesson we go over the new words and try to create simple sentences such as “Der Igel versteckt sich im Laub.” (The hedgehog is hiding in the leaves.)

Last year I published a couple of videos with the autumn theme. That’s why I created a little Quiz with some new and some old words.

There will also be a Halloween special 🙂 I will try to publish it in about two to three weeks.

Ist das ein Hund?
Is that a dog?
Nein, das ist ein Eichhörnchen.
No, this is a squirrel.
das Eichhörnchen
the squirrel
Ist das ein Igel?
Is that a hedgehog?
Ja, das ist ein Igel.
Yes, this is a hedgehog.
der Igel
the hedgehog
Was ist das?
What is that?
Das ist ein Regenschirm.
This is an umbrella.
der Regenschirm
the umbrella
Mit was spielt der Junge?
What is the boy playing with?
Der Junge spielt mit einem Drachen
The boy plays with a kite.
der Drachen
the kite
das Laub
the foliage
Was wächst im Wald?
What grows in the forest?
Im Wald wachsen Pilze.
Mushrooms grow in the forest.
die Pilze
the mushrooms
Was ist das?
What is that?
Das ist ein Baum.
This is a tree.
der Baum
the tree