Lesson Thirteen: The weather (Das Wetter)

In my experience the weather-das Wetter- is a brilliant topic to talk about in a lesson. When I talk about the weather with my students it is really helpful to combine the words not only with pictures but also with sounds and movements. When you talk about rain- der Regen- you could make the sound- either with real instruments, hand-made instruments or simply with your voice. The same applies to the wind-der Wind. To help you with the visual aspect, I created a couple of flashcards:   das weather-1     Click here for the flashcards. And this is how you use them: IMG_20160530_204959 Ask your student ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ and pin the correct flashcards onto the first sheet. You could use bluetack or a pin. In many languages the weather is an easy topic to talk about plus it is a great starting point for a conversation.

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