Pathfinder 2: Weekdays (Wochentage)

pathfinder2 arbeitsblatt-page-001Click on the picture to open the worksheet ‘Pathfinder 2: Weekdays’ in a pdf format.

This little excercise helps your student to memorise the weekdays in German. I’ve added an animal picture for each weekday. Your student has to name them.

The perfect excercise for a rainy day!






This is the corresponding video:

And these are the words you need to know for his excercise:

Montag (Monday), Dienstag (Tuesday), Mittwoch (Wednesday), Donnerstag (Thursday), Freitag (Friday), Samstag (Saturday), Sonntag (Sunday).

Vogel (bird), Hund (dog), Fisch (fish), Katze (cat), Kuh (cow), Hummel (bumblebee), Hase (rabbit).


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