Tips for a successful lesson!

A fun and engaging lesson is what every teacher wants to create, of course! But sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with good ideas. To be honest, I think every teacher feels like this from time to time (whether they admit it or not).

Here is what I think is important:chalk-drawings-and-graffiti

Be creative: Maybe this is not the most creative tip but a little reminder can’t hurt. 🙂 Why don’t you use a little paint in your next lesson? Create a big poster with fruits, animals or clothes. Then your students have to name them. 

You could create a memory game together with your students. Anything which involves hearing, listening and seeing helps him or her to memorize new vocabulary. Sing songs, play grocery store or post office. Go outside with your students and look at your natural environment. Point at real animals, leaves, trees and repeat the German words.

In summer you can go outside and use chalk. Create big chalk paintings and let your students use the German words for all objects/animals and scenes.  Then in October you could make monster masks for Halloween. After a concentrated crafting session, let the kids describe their masterpieces in German. Introduce your students to the German culture by talking about the German Christmas traditions.  All of these points connect to one important idea:

Your students learn by doing. art-1209519_1280Your students learn by seeing. Your students learn by listening and repeating.

Remember,almost everything around you can be used to make your lessons more interesting.

Use available resources (such as my videos and printables :D)    Ok, I must admit, there are not many good resources out there. But use whatever you can find. Your resources should involve as many pictures (and sounds) as possible. A good example is the worksheet ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ It involves multiple pictures and words. das weather-1A good way of memorizing the vocabulary is by mimicking the sounds of the wind or of the rain.

M&M! Music+Movement: Kids love to run and dance! Why don’t you sing the “Heads,shoulders, knees and toes” song in German? Why don’t you play ‘What time is it, Mr. Woolf?’ in German? Put a good German song on such as “Schmetterling du kleines Ding” and say to your students: ” Jetzt tanzen wir!” (Now we are going to dance!) Mind and body work best when used together! Emotions & fun create

Rhymes are still a big hit! It makes your students proud when they are able to remember a long text. Rhymes are still popular and with a little help from you, your students will be able to repeat short texts in no time.Gedicht1-page-001

Never stress! Stress kills the fun.

Repetition is key: Create a lesson routine. Start off and finish with a happy or energetic song “Guten Morgen, Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, Guten Tag…..”  Try to invent your own songs if you can’t find good resources in the internet. Repeat previous topics on a regular basis.

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