Worksheet: Das Verb ‘sein. The verb ‘to be’.

This is a little exercise to practice the verb ‘sein’ in German. Click here for a pdf version. 

Anna introduces herself and her family. As a little extra excercise you could let your student use her own info.

For example:

Ich heiße Bumblebee. Ich bin 2 Jahre alt……anna-stellt-sich-vor-page-001

Have fun 😀 


ich bin

du bist

er/sie/es ist

wir sind

ihr seid

sie sind

Das Verb ‘sein’ . The verb ‘to be’.

Which form of ‘sein’ has to be used?

Hello! My name is Anna. I am seven years old. I have a brother. He is two years old. He is very young. My parents are very friendly. I also have a bird. He is very cute. We live in Germany. German is very beautiful. Bye for now! Anna

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