Why should young children learn a foreign language?

One day you began to wonder whether your child should start to learn a foreign language. She or he is only 3 years old and you doubt that at such an early age, learning a new language could be of advantage. Why would a foreign language benefit a child?


“One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way.”

Frank Smith


A lot of parents ask me whether it is a good idea to send their children to language lessons. Of coursefunky-kids, I’m a German Tutor, so one would assume that I simply say Yes. Usually, my answer is a little more elaborate. 

I give them the following argumentation:

Language learning is about so much more than language learning. That might sound a little crazy but….. Of course your children are going to learn new vocabulary and how to articulate themselves in a foreign language. But essentially learning a second language is about cultural exchange.


For many years people assumed that it would be useless for children to learn a new language. However, science tells us differently. 

This is why children should start learning a foreign language at an early age:

  • It improves their knowledge about their native language: Generally, learning a foreign language goes hand in hand with building up the vocabulary in ones native tongue.  Your child learns how languages work. Language learning also improves reading and writing. –> Academic advantages!
  • It improves their general communication skills. For your child it will be easier to express what’s going on, what he/she wants or how he/she feels.
  • Very young is not too young- The younger the better. Young children love to mimick sounds and this is how language learning begins.  When children are young, language learning is a more natural process. In my lessons I use my videos, music, role plays,  fun worksheets and games to teach German. Whether you are a child or an adult: Enjoying the process and the journey to fluency is the key.
  • .Think about it in this way: The pre-school years represent the foundations of your child’s future. Your child’s vision, attitude, thinking and other characteristics are formed. It’s the best time to create an interest in a foreign language. It’s the best time to begin to learn a foreign language. Therefore, language learning is also a great confidence builder.
  • It’s fun and, above all, billingualism/multilingualism is simply awesome!
  • Your child’s future will include a broader world-view and open-mindedness. –> Cultural awareness= More possibilities!
  • It improves their brain development: Tests showed that language learning improves your child’s ability to think.

What better present than a second language could you give to your child?

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